Business Exit Plan
  • Find out why one company sells for more than another...
  • The things you need to do early in the process to plan your exit;
  • Why ‘exit planning’ has a lot to do with ‘running a good business’;
  • How to make your business attractive to potential buyers and what they are looking for;
  • How to evaluate what is important to you when selling your business;
  • How to maximise your sale value and increase your multiples;
  • Property, Pensions, IP, Contracts, ‘The Numbers’;
  • The due diligence process and how to make it much easier for yourself.
How Good Is Your Business Plan?
  • Great Businesses Use Their Business Plan As A Working Document To Measure Success...
  • The best way to build (or redesign) your business plan so it works as a simple but effective tool for ensuring you reach your goals;
  • Key elements of a great business plan and how to decide what to include and descale;
  • How to set clear milestones for your implementation timetable;
  • How to get your team aligned so that everyone is working towards a common goal.
Get Control by Systemising Your Internal Business Processes
  • Have you put systems and controls in place across your business to allow you to accelerate your pace of growth and increase the value of your business?
  • How to create systems and get fully in control of your business;
  • How systems and internal controls create more headspace for the senior team
  • The benefits of great systems and internal controls for making your business more efficient and more valuable.
Increase your Profit
  • Having a strategy for increasing your profit can transform your business...
  • Why you need a clear, measurable strategy for increasing your profit;
  • The four ways to increase your profit: sell more, get customers to buy more frequently, increase prices and reduce costs;
  • The main reasons for low profits and how to avoid being unprofitable.
Get Your Business Fully Compliant
  • Ensuring your business is fully compliant in all areas helps business owners to sleep at night... We'll show you how to achieve this...
  • How to free up headspace and sleep better at night by devising a strategy to ensure your business is always fully compliant;
  • Why it can be disastrous for business owners who don’t have a compliance strategy;
  • How Smartgrow can devise a strategy specific to your business, to ensure you always remain fully compliant.
Strategic Outsourcing Maximises Efficiency and Productivity
  • How to audit your business and implement an outsourcing strategy to maximise efficiency and productivity...
  • ow to access expertise that you would otherwise not be able to afford;
  • How to source talent to focus on important priority areas in your business;
  • How to increase efficiency and productivity across all areas of your business.


Manage Risk - Sleep Better At Night
  • 'Great' businesses understand the potential risks and hazards which lie ahead and proactively avoid them...
  • How to sleep better at night identifying major risks and building a strategy to avoid them;
  • How business owners of great businesses manage their risk so they can free up head space and focus on creativity, innovation and growth;
  • How Smartgrow can conduct a full, watertight risk assessment process with you.
Get Strategic Funding Fast
  • Smartgrow have sourced funding in excess of Rbn 1 for clients over the years...
  • The main sources of funding available to SMEs (including advantages and disadvantages of each one);
  • New funding sources which make funding available in days or weeks rather than in months or years from the application date;
  • How to get independent specialist advice to walk you through the process and present your case for the best chance of success.
Your Financial Reporting Dashboard
  • Get visibility of all the numbers in your business so you can make better, faster decisions...
  • The three key financial statements you need and why they are so important;
  • How to interpret your key financial statements and use the information to drive growth;
  • How to reach a place where you actually enjoy reviewing your financial statements!
Stop Worrying about Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Why entrepreneurs worry so much about cash and how to break the cycle permanently...
  • Why cash flow is the number 1 reason businesses fail;
  • How to create a cash flow management strategy to avoid running out of cash;
  • How to find cash in places you may have never considered.
Tax Planning & Legal Issues
  • Having A Tax And Legal Strategy In Place Is Essential For Business Success...
  • The benefits of ensuring your businesses are optimised for tax;
  • The importance of using the best tax advisors;
  • The importance of using the best legal advisors.
Improving Your Business Banking Relationship Is a Priority
  • The importance of getting the bank on your side and the difference it can make to your business...
  • Why the banks lend to some businesses but not others;
  • How to secure lending from your bank;
  • How to secure preferential rates and better terms from your bank;
  • How Smartgrow can manage the relationship with the bank so that you don’t have to.